What'S YouR DramA?

Get out of your drama and follow your own way now.

Either you want something that you don't have OR you have something that you don't want. Either way...

…you could use some new fresh impetus. A reading, an individual session or a consultaion would be great right now!

There is something you want to understand,
or something you want to achieve,
or a chapter in your life that needs closure.

This session will help you gain new insights and awareness and  helps you make new meanings of your life’s experiences.

You will receive vital keys to understanding why you are where you are in your life, so that you can approach your challenge with sovereignty.

You receive guidance and support and gain CLARITY, SAFETY and ALIGNMENT.


Sophia Sabine has something incredible valuable to share with the world. She has got deep insights and those insights come to her by virtue of her connection to source, and when she speaks, it awakens people into new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Creator of Quantum Human DesignTM

Get out of the drama. Walk your path with clarity.

Gain the clarity and understanding you need to follow your unique path unconditionally and full of trust.


Sophia Sabine brings to the table her depth of wisdom for understanding of the importance of patterns and habits and self-regulation that can strengthen and deepen the sense of self, sense of purpose, and sense of mission.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Founder of Quantum Human DesignTM
Be welcome with all my heart

With me you can tap into your very own source of power and might. The energy of SOPHIA's LOVEinity initiates and engulfs you. And I guide and support you in living truly and authentically as a Human and a Divine BEing and to finally exit your drama. That is how you create a life of love, peace, freedom, joy, and abundance.