What if…?

Over the last few days, I was pondering A LOT of beliefs I am holding, because I am in the process of re-aligning my business so that it serves me and my clients in the most sustainable, profitable and joy-filled way.

On Monday, I wrote down that I want to be taking aligned and inspired action towards business growth – without exactly knowing what that could look like.

Today, I was reviewing my notes and suddenly it popped into my head: “What if…”

What if…

What if taking aligned and inspired action toward business growth has nothing to do with what I am used to think about how this has to look like?

What if following my joy and passion is enough to build a financially sustainable business?

What if being who I am and sharing this in the most authentic way leads not only to fulfillment but also to me being the most impactful version of myself?

What if being aware of my body’s needs and my soul’s desires is leading me towards my greatest potential expressed in form?

What if I already know and am who I am in truth?

What if there is nothing to fix?

What if I am already wholy?

What if I am sharing my truth with the world authentically without holding back the mud and the ugly?

What if living an authentic life is easy?

What if leading an authentic life is the easiest thing there is?

What if being in my soul frequency all-ways is possible?

What if there is no separation?

What if I only have to remember?

What if I am remembering now?

What if I remember who I am in truth, how I serve in truth und what I am in truth now?

What if remembering is the first key to a fulfilled life?

What if remembering is the key to business success?

What if there is no key at all to business success?

What if I invented the keys so that I can find them and unlock whatever I wish?

What if I AM the key?


I AM the key.
I AM the lock.
I AM the wish.
I AM the wish fulfilled.
I AM Source consciousness.
I AM whatever I AM.

I am love, life, death, pain, light, joy, grief, human, divine…

All that I am I am.

I love my life.
I love myself.
I love you.
I love all of creation.
ALL of creation.

I love.

And I am loved infinitely.
How couldn’t I?

I remember.

I am not connected. I AM the connection.
I am not fulfilled. I AM fulfilment.
I am not abundant. I AM abundance.
I am not the drop, I am the ocean.
If I want to be the drop, I am.

I love this.

I love so deeply.
I am feeling so deeply.

Freedom. Liberation. Peace.

THIS is my time. (As all-ways.)
THIS is my place. (As all-ways.)
THIS is my truth. (Now.)

IN LOVEinity
Sophia Sabine

What if there is nothing to fix?
What if you are already wholy?
What if you only have to remember?
What if you are remembering now?


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