SaCRed SaCRal

Know what you want!

Activate the power of your inner navigation system and get answers to your most burning questions

As a Human Design Generator or Manifesting Generator, you have a built-in navigation system that can guide you with crystal clarity – if it is turned on.

In this sacred sacral session we will activate your powerful sacral center – the seat of your creation space and your inner GPS.

You will experience what it feels like to have this center working for you and you will receive answers that come directly from your subconscious to the surface of your conscious mind.

For SACRED SACRAL you do not need any previous knowledge of Human Design other than your Human Design type.

SACRED SACRAL is only for Generators and Manifesting Generators or for Alchemists and Time Benders in Quantum Human Design™.

If there is a question or decision that you have been trying to answer with your mind for a long time and still haven’t come to a conclusion, then SACRED SACRAL is for you!

… or if you want to know whether the answer you have already found for yourself is really THE answer. The one that vibrates in aligment with you, your whole being and life path.

… or if you don’t really know what you actually want or could want…

With this sacred sacral session you gain certainty beyond logic and reason. 

A certainty and clarity that you only experience when your sacral center is activated and attuned to you.

And you will learn to trust yourself and your inner wisdom more and more.

Activate your inner navigation system now and know what you want!

Don’t know what type of Human Design you are? Create your free body graphic here and find out if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator.

If you are a Projector, Manifestor or Reflector, a QUANTUM HUMAN DESIGN™ READING will give you new insights and answers to your questions.


Sophia Sabine has something incredible valuable to share with the world. She has got deep insights and those insights come to her by virtue of her connection to source, and when she speaks, it awakens people into new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Creator of Quantum Human DesignTM

Living certainty and clarity with SACRED SACRAL

Use your inner GPS now and receive the answers that are truly FOR YOU – in alignment with your true nature.

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Sophia Sabine brings to the table her depth of wisdom for understanding of the importance of patterns and habits and self-regulation that can strengthen and deepen the sense of self, sense of purpose, and sense of mission.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Founder of Quantum Human DesignTM
Be welcome with all my heart

With SACRED SACRAL you tap into your very own source of clarity and certainty. The energy of Sophia's LOVEinity initiates and embraces you. I guide you in receiving and acknowledging the answers to your most burning questions. In this way you create a life of freedom, joy and peace in harmony with your true nature.