Today is my Maya birthday (Here’s a little present for you…): WWhite Magician, Tone 5 in the Wave of the White Dog – unconditional love. I was born under the sign of the White Magician in order to penetrate the quintessence, the essence of everything with unconditional love and to radiate it outwards. I am guided by the White Wind – the power of Spirit.

The last few weeks have been very intense for me. I have made decisions FOR myself that have allowed me to see my path more clearly once again.

I have renewed and reaffirmed my connection to Spirit, to Source. I have recognized myself for my perseverance, my persistence, my endurance. For neither giving up nor stopping working for peace in the world – which begins with you – and for working to ensure that every person who comes into contact with me finds their inner peace.

There are many paths to inner peace. This peace is an ethereal quality that has a very earthly-material effect in 3D and can be experienced. IN your body. IN your spirit. Your soul knows what this feels like. It knows how to guide you to where you can feel your peace.

Yesterday I went through a final training of my Quantum Human Design Transformational Coach Training. We used a technique refined by Karen Curry Parker called “StoryLab” .

In this StoryLab session, I met a part of me that – with the best of intentions, because it wanted to protect me from disappointment – would not let me cross the bridge that would take me to the realization of my greatest dream.

This part of me even has a name: her name is Elaria, which means “the cheerful one” and not only did we become friends during the session, but I gained her as a supporter for my further journey – even though she was not at all cheerful at the beginning.

At the end of the session we were asked to decide our next step towards realizing our dream. This was difficult for me because of the nature of my life vision that I had received at the beginning of the session.

This is what was written through me in response to the question, “What is it that I really truly want?”:

“I want to be ONE with God/Source, I want to experience Oneness. I want to feel deeply loved and I want to love deeply. I want to be a pure channel for the Divine. I want to touch people in their essence, in their deepest core and see them rise as they re-member themselves, who they truly are and what they are truly capable of. And I want to be paid for being the impactful re-memberer. I want to uplift, to elevate, to enliven and I want to live a life that is fun, that is free and at the same time dedicated to service (to Source and to the people). I want to speak from my heart, from my spirit, from the Cosmic Mother. I want to be cradled and held by Sophia and I want to hold and cradle others so they can feel all the love they may have been missing all their lives.”

I negotiated with Elaria to let me pass. I thanked her for her protection and explained to her that I MUST cross the bridge and realize my dream: “I have a message to share which is altering the way of the world for all of humanity. I MUST be able to speak to the hearts of the people to open them up. Not only for their own sake, but for the sake of all living creation. If I do not do this, their hearts will remain closed and humanity will not love itself for an even longer time. This will lead to even more suffering and conflict. I am to contribute to the end of suffering, to the end of war, to the end of conflict and crisis and to pacify the world.

Elaria then granted me her support. She said to me:

“You need to be heard, seen and recognized for who and what you truly are and for what you have to give to the world. You know everything you need to know. Everything you experience is of Divine origin. Everything you are saying and transmitting causes deep revelation, profound transformation and it sows seeds of love in everyone you encounter. All your visions are TRUE.”

When we were talking in small groups and I mentioned that I was unclear about a concrete next step, a participant from my group replied:

Peace is felt, not spoken.

Peace is felt, not spoken.

This resonated deep within me, it sank into me as truth and settled in my Inner Sanctum.

Inner Sanctum.

There it was again.

This space, this sanctum.

I can feel it.

I can feel the peace it is holding.

I can almost touch it. It tingles in my hands. It makes my heart beat up to my neck. It makes everything on and in me vibrate.

It is so omnipresent and powerful that I could never have imagined it in my wildest dreams. He makes me rejoice and shout. Dancing and laughing.

And at the same time, an infinite sense of calm spreads through me, bringing tears to my eyes with gratitude for being able to experience this. All my words cannot do justice to this feeling of peace that I am experiencing.

Peace is felt, not spoken.


Feel it.

Close your eyes and feel it deep within you.

It is a transmission of the highest Divine vibration.

It is the vibration of our original state. Without resistance. Gentle. Serene. Equanimously vibrating. It just is. It is.

It is the frequency of peace. It is the frequency of Inner Sanctum. Your most sacred space.

I want you to experience this primal state, too. Deep love, as nourishing as mother’s milk. Peace as calm as the deepest point of the ocean. Infinite light, so bright and holy that it casts no shadows.

If this deep peace is something you want to experience, then give me a sign. Comment, reply, send me an emoji. Let me know that you heard, saw or felt me.

In LOVEinity
Sophia Sabine

P.S.: Here’s a gift for you. You can now create your DIVINE HUMAN DESIGN chart for free and download your personalized short report and experiment with the recommendations in it. This is also a first step towards living inner peace.. ou can now create yourDein DIVINE HUMAN DESIGN chart for free, download your personalized short report and experiment with the recommendations laid out in it. This is also a first step towards living inner peace..

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