Looking into the future with the 41st Gene Key

A few days ago the New Year began in the Human Design System and according to the Gene Keys. This New Year doesn’t start on January 1st, but whenever the Sun activates the 41st Gene Key, or the 41st Gate, and then stays in it for a total of six days. This is slightly different every year and happens between January 21 and 28, depending on when the activation begins.

The 41st Gene Key is so special because it has a unique function within our consciousness and our material being. This refers to its role as a “start codon”, as it is called in genetics.

This code of Gene Key or Gate 41 acts as an initiation, a kick-start or master key for everything that is to be created thereafter. Whenever this start codon is formed in our genetics, our body knows that something new is beginning.

As above, so below

However, the effect of this 41st key is not just limited to our body. It is a holographic blueprint through which we are linked to the entire universe and beyond.

The 41st Gene Key is part of the “Ring of Origin” and as such it acts as a pulse generator of the Source Code.

This has nothing to do with computer language, but the 41st Gene Key denotes the origin of all being par excellence.

The beginning and end of all creation. Always renewing itself and culminating in oneself.

Every time a start codon is activated in you, in your body, and something new is created, you send a signal to your environment through electromagnetic waves.

Your environment is thereby activated and your signal is also electromagnetically amplified and passed on – to the end – or the beginning of all creation.

You change creation. In every moment.

That is why it is so important to create consciously.

The Gift Of Anticipation – Seeing Into The Future

The gift of the 41st Gene Key is that of anticipation, of foresight.

Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys, explains: This Gene Key “represents the fundamental evolutionary impulse – the search for new pastures and new experiences. This evolutionary impulse is the secret of the 41st gift.”

With the activation of this Gene Key in the energy field of our planet, we all have an increased opportunity to “look into the future”. Our vibrational frequency determines which energetic grids of manifestation we vibrate to and thus have access to.

Geniuses of all times called – and still call – on the next higher level of manifestation, perfection, evolution through their own vibrational frequency and thus bring the energy already present into form, into realization.

They don’t just dream, they create.

Quantum Human DesignTM

In traditional Human Design this Gene Key is called “Fantasy” and in Quantum Human DesignTM it is called “Imagination”.

It is the ability to use one’s creative imagination to develop ideas for new possibilities in the world, the power to sustain these visions and, if necessary, to share them with others for the benefit of all.

Karen Curry Parker, the founder of Quantum Human Design writes in “The Encyclopedia of Quantum Human DesignTM” that people with an activated 41st gate are able to “have the vision of a miracle beyond expectation.”

And now, during these six days in which the 41st Gate is activated for all of humanity, we all have this opportunity!

That’s why now, instead of January 1st, is the optimal time to go on a vision quest and ring in the New Year.

Now your dreams can come to fruition – you just have to see them. Connect with them. Bring them to life through writing, drawing, music, dance, singing, pottery, knitting, crafting, gardening, … or whatever your creative expression may be.

Your Genius

A genius foresees the growth that is possible. It sees new paths that no one previously thought could be taken or realized – and then actually walks them.

THAT is the difference between a genius and a non-genius: the genius brings his vision into form, with the non-genius it remains a dream.

“Genius” originates from Latin and “denotes the ‘guardian spirit’, especially the one who rules over the conception, birth and life of man”. It is a generating, creative force.

We were all born with this creative power. It is inherent in us. And these days we can look at and virtually download the blueprint for a fulfilled New Year 2024 in the morphogenetic fields.

Your genius frequency is always available to you. But now, while the 41st Gene Key is activated, you can access it even more easily.

You can connect to your genius frequency in a ritual or simply through your pure intention.

Your Creation

This is a suggestion on how you can get in touch with your genius and consciously create your year:

Feel free to take some time for yourself and come into stillness. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply.

Consciously connect with the heart of Mother Earth and the Source of all being.

Then bring your attention to your heart space and your creation space below your navel.

If you like, place one hand on your chest and one on your belly.

Now breathe into your heart space and out of your creation space. Notice how this feels.

Change direction after a short while. Notice how this feels.

Choose the direction that is more comfortable for you and take more breaths.

Feel this powerful cyclical flow of air and energy. Extend it in all directions and see how this torus-shaped field flows around your body.

Expand it further. Beyond the room you are in. Beyond the building. Beyond the city, the country, the continent, … until your energy field flows around the entire globe.

And then even further. Encompass our galaxy … our universe … the neighboring universes … the entire cosmos.

If you get dizzy: Keep breathing calmly and hold the energy.

Then invoke your creative genius frequency with the words:

“I now call upon my unique frequency of creation.”

Feel how your creation frequency resonates with EVERYTHING in your energetic bodies as well as your physical body.

Every single atom of your physical body now vibrates in your individual creation frequency.

Let this frequency envelop you and carry you upwards. Towards your vision for a fulfilled New Year

See your vision.

After you have seen everything, affirm and say out loud:

“I am ready to fulfill this vision.

I allow myself to be fulfilled by this vision.

I allow this vision to be realized through me.

I am Divine Consciousness in form.

My light shines brightly.

My love is inexhaustible, as is the love of SOPHIA, the Cosmic Mother.

I am perfect creation.

I accept my power as a free, eternal, limitless creator being.

Free to create whatever I want.

Free to experience whatever I like.

I now choose anew.

I choose freedom.

I choose gratitude.

I choose abundance.

I choose peace.

I choose joy.

I choose love.

I choose me in my most beautiful fulfillment in form.

By virtue of my power as an incarnated Human on Earth, I call all my spiritual guides and supporters to witness this.

By virtue of my power as an incarnated Human on Earth, I choose to walk my path in alignment with my soul vision.

By virtue of my power as an incarnated Human on Earth and by virtue of Divine Grace, I now walk my path into the realization of my highest potential.

I now ask that my next step is indicated to me.”

See what your next step is. Do not evaluate and do not judge. Trust your Divine guidance.

Take it all in and trust that you are taking everything you need to know into the here and now.

Everything will come to you at exactly the right time and happen for you.

The only thing you need to do is surrender to your guidance and follow your unique path.

Only act when you feel the inspired impulse to do so. Not when your mind says it’s time.

Take a few more deep breaths and then return your attention to your beautiful Human body.

Open your eyes, stretch or allow your body the movement it craves right now.

Drink a glass of water.

And then bring into manifestation what you have seen.

Journal, write it all down, draw or be creative in some other way. You can also create a vision board.

Anything that serves you to bring your vision into the world and that brings you joy is good and right. You will know what that is. And if you don’t have an idea right now, trust that it will show itself to you.

Divine timing is the only “right” timing.


I wish you a New Year that entirely reflects you.

Feel free to write to me about what you watched or what your ritual looked like. I look forward to hearing from you.

In LOVEinity
Sophia Sabine

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