HumaN DesigN SouL KeyS TransmissioN

Discover And Live Your Soul Vision

You want to follow your soul's calling wholeheartedly?

But somehow… sometimes there are days, weeks or even months when you have the feeling that nothing is moving at all.

You know exactly: something very special is waiting for you. You feel a longing inside you and that there is so much more… but the “right” thing just won’t show itself.

Believe me, I know how frustrating that is.

After all, it’s not like we just lie around on the couch and do nothing. No, we are always doing and trying and doing something.

We release limiting beliefs, do shadow work, ask our inner child, the universe, our spirit guides or the cards.

We meditate, manifest and integrate…

And yet nothing or very little comes of it.

And at some point you may come to the point where you just want to give up all spirituality and the search for your life’s purpose.

But you can’t.

Because you know very well that you were born for more than you are living for now. Because the call of your soul is getting louder and louder. And because giving up is not really an option for you.

Because you are here to create. To help shape the New Earth and the New Era. Not to just languish, but to live your soul’s plan in joy and abundance!

For me, everything changed when I activated my Human Design Soul Keys.

I suddenly saw what I can do, what I am and the impact I have. I realized what would bring me into fulfillment and what had been holding me back.

Feelings of powerlessness, despair and being blocked were gone.

Now my life and soul vision lies clearly outlined before me.

I am living in joy and fulfillment while doing what I love and being myself fully.

And I am ready to open up to you exactly the path that has made all this possible for me.


You are a unique, irreplaceable cosmic event. Source energy in human form. Endowed with great wisdom, inexhaustible resources, infinite productivity and creation power.

The HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION activates your distinctive Human Divine Keys within you, which allow you to recognize and LIVE all of this.

You’ll experience how the light of Source flows through you and ignites the fire of knowledge, understanding and permission within you.

Self-love and self-worth are blossoming. And with them your clarity, your joy of life and your fulfillment.

Even where all seemed lost, where all hope was gone, a life of joy, self-determination, freedom and abundance emerges.

Doors open where before there were only walls and the people who cross this newly opened threshold are changed forever.

You now know and tread your path courageously and full of confidence. Because you know who you are in truth and you trust yourself and your decisions by one hundred percent.

You know exactly when it is time to act or when it is time to wait or rest.

And you know why you are doing all of this. Why you are here on earth and what a valuable contribution you are providing.

Your trust in yourself, in your abilities, talents and gifts, and your trust in the Universe/God/Source is unshakeable.

Because you now know your path, your soul vision and your life’s mission.


Sophia Sabine has something incredible valuable to share with the world. She has got deep insights and those insights come to her by virtue of her connection to Source, and when she speaks, it awakens people into new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Creator of Quantum Human DesignTM


Your Human Design Soul Keys are unique. No one has the same soul keys as you.

With the HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION, we make the keys that are responsible for your human “design” visible, tangible and – most importantly – comprehensible.

In the course of my years as a spiritual guide, life coach and divine channel, I have realized that for most people it is not enough to change something on a purely energetic level.

It is just as important to take your mind and body with you on the journey.

Do you sometimes ask yourself – with all the work you have already done on yourself and all the trainings you have completed – why you are still not living the life you want?

The HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION will give you the answers you are looking for. The ones your heart AND your mind are longing for.

The fusion of earthly tangible knowledge with information from the Divine Source Channel and the integration of this wisdom into your physical body and your everyday life is what makes the HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION so effective and sustainable.

The added integration session anchors everything you have received and experienced even more deeply within you.

Your self-confidence, self-trust, self-awareness, self-love and self-worth increase enormously.

Clarity accompanies you every step of the way. And having this clarity is invaluable, profoundly healing and extremely effective in fulfilling your life’s vision.

In your HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION you will experience how you have created yourself as a Human BEing in order to be and operate in divine alignment.

You will discover your soul vision and life purpose, how to have happy relationships, how to be successful in your very own way and finally experience the fulfillment you have been longing for for so long.

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The Path To Your Fulfilled Life

Do you want to…

… … know your soul vision and how you can actually live your life purpose in everyday life?

… … experience your unique, essential path to your fulfilled future through words directly from the Divine Source Channel?

… … make decisions in harmony with your Divine Human Design so that you live truthfully, authentically, and in joy and abundance?


The Transmission is not the next “shiny object” in the spiritual coaching scene whose effect has an expiration date.

Rather, it is sustainably effective, permanently life-changing and timelessly valid.

The methods used are scientifically backed and support you in the integration and implementation of what you have received and experienced.

At the same time, this retreat is highly spiritual through the connection to the pure Source Channel and the high-frequency work with your soul.

In this way, you walk your path in clarity, and truth, and finally realize what you have incarnated for.

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The HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION is an intensive immersion via Zoom with an additional session for integration.

After you have received your transmission, the days of frustrating stagnation will be over and you will enter your most beautiful and fulfilling future with renewed courage, confidence and clarity.

The transmission starts as soon as you register.

The spirit world begins to work with you from the moment you book and I will also ask you activating questions to help you open up and make the most of our immersive time together.

In addition, I work with your Divine Human Design, your hologenetic profile and my Spirit Guides as part of the preparation.

On the day of your retreat, it is best to take at least three hours for yourself so that you can experience and integrate everything in full.

During the retreat you will learn, among other things, how you are meant to be in this life and how to make decisions in harmony with your Divine Human Design.

This enables you to live and express yourself and your BEing truthfully and joyfully.

You will experience your soul vision and life purpose as well as your unique, inherent path to your fulfilled future.

Words will be spoken directly from the pure Source Channel and you will discover your next step.

After about a week, we will come together again to deepen the experience, to address your remaining questions and for calibration.


But NOW you can book your HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION at the activation price of just 555 euros.

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Sophia Sabine brings to the table her depth of wisdom for understanding of the importance of patterns and habits and self-regulation that can strengthen and deepen the sense of self, sense of purpose, and sense of mission.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Founder of Quantum Human DesignTM
Be welcome with all my heart

With me, you awaken your inner Creator God∞dess, and tap into your very own source of power and strength. The energy of LOVEinity initiates you into your true essence, and I am guiding and supporting you to live authentically as a Human and a Divine BEing. That is how you create a life of love, peace, freedom, joy, and abundance.