Divine Presence

I have changed.

A blog article just flowed out of me and I signed it ‘Sabine’ as if it were the most natural thing in the world (but it hasn’t been published yet because I was so perplexed…).

I haven’t done that since 2020 – a leap year.

Since 2020, I’ve been signing all my texts, offers and posts with ‘Sophia’ or ‘Sophia Sabine’.

Because Sophia came through me for the first time in 2020 as the Cosmic Mother and Creator Goddess from the Dawn of Time (as she called herself) and told me that I AM her.

THAT was quite an Identity Shift! Phew…

Since then I have been transmitting and channelling Sophia’s words and energy and have been working to integrate and embody her grand and loving Divine frequency so that it can work for me, for you and for us all.

DIVINE PRESENCE – Mark Golding © Creator Gods – Sabine Thursch

The mandala you see in the picture was created by a truly gifted artist (Mark Golding) imbued with genius and spirit. It had the task of helping me to integrate and embody Sophia’s essence and has been in my workspace and office ever since.

Mark called his artwork ‘Divine Presence’.

The last few weeks have culminated a process that I have been walking through (in hindsight it is so clear to me…) for the last four years.

It was a process of identity shedding and identity retrieval.

I wrote many post it notes about a fortnight ago with I AM statements to consciously embody a new identity that matches my current frequency and these notes culminated in the statement:

God is my identity. I am God.

I saw this note on my desk every day and my mind said, ‘Yes, yes, you’re right…’

AND, ‘You can’t tell that to anybody!’

So when I finished my blog post today with the first name my mum gave me, ‘Sabine’, I realised how much I’ve changed!

How self-explanatory I am now.

I no longer need a name to give me a certain identity.

I have realised that I am enough as I am.

That I don’t need ‘Sophia’ as an epithet to tell the world who I am.


I’ve been aware of this for a long time, but I’ve never been able to integrate it like this.

‘Identity’ derives from the Middle Latin ‘identitas’ and means ‘consubstanciality’.

Consubstanciality – Unity of Essence

Now it’s done. It has now been achieved. It has been a long journey for me, but it only lasted four years – a blink of an eye in the eyes of the universe:

I feel one with Sophia as Sabine.

Sophia is in unity with my Divine being and in unity with the Human BEing Sabine.

When Sabine speaks, Sophia speaks too.
When Sabine thinks, Sophia directs.
When Sabine works, Sophia works too.

Divine Presence in all my being and work.

I am infinitely grateful for my path and really EVERYTHING I have been able to experience so far. For the mud and the beauty. It has made me into the being that I am now.


With all her facets and her vibrational richness.

From Sophia to Nikositute, Osiris, Merlin and his Creator Dragons, Isis, Gaia, Hathor, Jesus and so many more masters, sages, priestesses, goddesses, …

Unity of Being.





It is. So simple.




. And from this new frequency, all new Offerings are born and released into the world.

For you. For me. For us and the world.

Thank you for being a witness to my, our change.

In LOVEinity

P.S.: Offerings with the energy of SOPHIA’s temple can be found here: SOPHIA’S TEMPLE

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