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Immerse yourself in the magic of your uniqueness: Discover the secrets of your Human Design and live a life you love

Human Design is a fascinating synthesis of astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, chakra theory and quantum physics. It is a mighty tool that helps us understand our unique gifts, talents and life purpose by giving us insights into our individual energy and creation matrix.

The origin of Human Design is as remarkable as its application. Founder Ra Uru Hu received the basic information about it during a mystical experience in 1987.

Since then, Human Design has developed into a powerful tool for self realization and personal transformation. Millions of people worldwide have changed their lives through its profound insights and possibilities.

A Quantum Human Design™ Reading with Sophia Sabine is your ticket to a life you love.

Through Human Design, you will not only gain a deeper understanding, but also concrete insights into your personality that will help you to develop your unique talents, improve your relationships, find your calling and access and embody your full potential.

Imagine finally understanding why you keep getting trapped in the same patterns and how you can finally break through them.

Imagine recognizing your hidden talents and abilities and knowing how to use them purposefully to make your dreams come true.

Imagine living in perfect harmony with yourself and the world around you, each day in deep gratitude for the gift of life.

If you are ready to love your life – every single moment of it – then now is the right time for your QUANTUM HUMAN DESIGN™ READING or your HUMAN DESIGN SOUL KEYS TRANSMISSION.

Your life full of fulfillment and authenticity is waiting for you!

Let’s explore the secrets of your soul vision together, awaken your hidden talents and unleash the power you need to create the life you love.

Immerse yourself in the magic of discovering who you truly are and what you have set out to do with your life. It is your calling!


Sophia is designd to have huge impact, and has something incredibly valuable to share with the world. She has got deep insights and those insights come to her by virtue of her connection to source, and when she speaks, it awakens people into new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Creator of Quantum Human DesignTM
Be welcome with all my heart

With me, you awaken your inner Creator God∞dess, and tap into your very own source of power and strength. The energy of LOVEinity initiates you into your true essence, and I am guiding and supporting you to live authentically as a Human and a Divine BEing. That is how you create a life of love, peace, freedom, joy, and abundance.