And Yet. – Or: The Snake Pit In The Hero’s Journey

In 2016, I started the SchöpferGötter blog simply to have a place to organize and share my thoughts and feelings about life, the universe and all the rest.

This blog was very successful without me knowing it.

Most were silent readers who didn’t comment, so it almost knocked my socks off when one day I happened to find a page with visitor statistics on my hosting provider.

In just a few months, my website had attracted well over 50,000 visitors. That totally surprised me – and scared me too.

Suddenly, writing was no longer just a game, my blog was no longer just my little living room and I started to think about what I could or even had to offer my readers in my next article.

At first this worked quite well because I didn’t want anything from my readers except for them to be inspired and feel seen, to remember that they are indeed powerful creator gods and to give their very own divine fire more oxygen to blaze.

When I officially opened my coaching business two years later, something changed in a big way for the first time. Because now I was no longer just a living person, a human being, an author sharing her thoughts, but a role model. Phew!

This made me feel even more responsible than two years earlier, when I saw the large number of visitors for the first time.

After all, as a coach you have to practice what you preach! Or do you? And when things got bad for me, I couldn’t publish anything.

Because that would mean that I hadn’t even “made it” myself. How could I help someone else like that?

So I chose the topics that I could write about “in good conscience”.

Sometimes also about minor setbacks. But always with a positive outcome, because we all want to read a hero’s story. Or do you?

Hero stories are so inspiring because they tell of overcoming a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

The hero (or heroine) has to struggle with great difficulties while pursuing his mission. He often wants to give up because it seems so hopeless, but then he finds new courage, receives unforeseen support or a mysterious object that gives him magical abilities.

And suddenly the weak little man becomes an almost superhuman performer of miracles who fully embraces his task and masters it brilliantly in an ultimate final battle.

Happy and a changed man, he returns to his village to tell of his heroic deeds and to be celebrated.


Or do you?

What happens to a hero after his heroic achievement? Does he live happily ever after in his homeland, telling stories?

Frodo at least, the hero from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, could not remain in his village. His transformation was too deep. The shadows of the past were too powerful for him to simply pick up where he had left off.

He became a new being. A whole new world awaited him.

And me? What is waiting for me?

Can I simply pick up where I left off eight years ago?

My ship has already taken me far away from my home port. I have fought many demons, learned magical skills and discovered wizarding tools that have already served me and my fellow travelers well on our journey.

But I am still a long way from my final destination. I have not yet fulfilled my mission(s).

Back when I founded the blog, I wrote about my spiritual awakening. Everything was new to me. I first had to find my way in the world of spirituality.

In my innocence, I had probably assumed that there was only one direction. Only one truth. Only one goal.

What a misconception! I broke out of one world only to discover a new, more diverse one and began to explore it.

And with it everything that spirituality can also be: A trap, a defense mechanism, a reason to feel “better than”. More awakened, more enlightened, more sublime, more valuable, more sensitive, richer, more beautiful, further ahead or whatever.

From the origin of the word, spirituality means “in the most general sense, an attitude that is directed towards something spiritual [from Latin “spiritus”]”.

“Spiritualis” means “belonging to the air”, “belonging to the breath”.

And for me, this is the most beautiful and appropriate thought about spirituality: that it is inherent to us, in a sense. It belongs to us like the air we breathe.

For me, the realization that a higher, spiritual order underlies everything material and the unity of all-that-is are the two cornerstones of my spiritual view of the world.

It is the reason why I am still and ever more deeply convinced that we are actually all Creator Gods. Much more powerful than we believe or dare to believe.

And not only am I convinced, but I *know* that we all have a hero story within us. Every. Individual. Human.

Even you. And me. All of us.

The Snake Pit

The last eight years have taught me a lot and I have the feeling that I am only now learning a tiny bit about what life is really about.

Does that make me a better coach, guide, mentor, teacher, …? Maybe.

Namely when I am *your* coach, guide, mentor, teacher, …

Does that make me a better person? No. I have always been “good”.

Does that mean that I’ve been spoon fed wisdom? Sometimes.

Does that make me a good guide? Among other things.

Do I still have a lot of potential to realize? You bet I do!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the snake pit, especially in the last twenty months. Not that I wasn’t aware of it before. But I have only now recognized its value and effectiveness in retrospect.

That’s usually the case with us humans. While we’re in the middle of our mess, we can’t gain much from it.

Our vision is too limited, our ego too wounded, our (self-)doubt too strong.

And yet I now have a slightly different view on the snake pit. Because the poison didn’t kill me. On the contrary: it had a healing effect.

Time and time again, the poison caused that which no longer served me to be killed and fall away. It made me stronger and, in a way, immune to the things that had previously threatened to drag me down.

Even during the last few months, I often spent time face to face with the snakes of my perceived inadequacy, inability, recklessness, aberration and confusion.

Eye to eye with my apparent failure, impostor syndrome, stupidity and self-reproach.

And yet.

And Yet.

Through all these times…

…I loved myself like I’ve never loved myself before.

I have so much compassion for Sabine as a Human Being. Who gives her best every day – even if it may not look like it on the outside.

She who follows her path day by day, moment by moment. Sometimes she searches for her path and thinks she has lost it.

She who has come to light the way for others. Towards their greatest power and strength.

She who initiates initiators and leads them to her very own melody of creation.

She sat there and thought she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know why she was there at all.

What could she possibly have to give? As weak as she felt. So small and inconspicuous.

She was “uninspired”, she told herself. “Superficial”, “not wise enough” and many other things that she was not, had not or could not do.

And I watched her. Quietly and clearly.

Resting in my soul presence. Through the loving, compassionate eyes of our Cosmic Mother, SOPHIA.

I saw all her pain. Her suffering. Her struggle.

Saw how, time and again, one of the snakes lunged forward, trying to sink its venomous fangs into her heart to make her even more vulnerable.

But what I observed amazed and astonished me.

No matter how hard the snakes tried, they couldn’t poison her heart.

Sabine’s heart space was so soft, so wide open and so full of compassion that it absorbed one snake after another and transformed their venom into peace in an alchemical process.

Into deep inner peace.

A peace so vast and tranquil that it gradually permeated Sabine’s entire being.

A peace rooted in love and compassion for all things human and for humanity itself.

This peace, this love and this compassion enable me to remain anchored in my center even in times of great external turbulence or supposed strokes of fate.

My lighthouse stands on solid ground.

The storm is raging, the clouds are dark and threatening and the rain is lashing against the glass of the beacon.

Yes, it is wet and cold and uncomfortable.

But the lighthouse does not waver.

It is nourished by a fire that is so much stronger than the roaring storm or the raging sea.

My understanding of the human condition itself is one of my greatest strengths. And my love for everything that is inherent in being human.

I love the darkest abysses just as much as the brightest stars on the firmament.

It’s been a long road to get this far.

And sometimes I even forget the light of my own lighthouse, only to remember once again with a smile and switch it on again – for myself and others.

The Hero’s Journey Is Not Over Yet

My hero’s journey continues. I’m currently writing a new chapter. And I’m making sure it’s a particularly beautiful one.

One of the ways I’m doing this is by no longer just talking about the good and light things. Because the dark times, too, want to be walked through and mastered.

“The dark night of the soul” is not one of the most transformative times in the course of a human life for nothing – and it can be experienced more than once.

It is important that we never forget that when the night is at its darkest, a new dawn awakens and with it a new light for us.

My hero’s journey took me back to my roots at the beginning of the year. To SchöpferGötter. And yet I am no longer who I was eight years ago.

Just as Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White through the all-consuming fire, SchöpferGötter became CREATOR GODS and Sabine became Sophia Sabine.

The innocent child who set out to explore the spiritual world has grown up through several Rites of Passage to become more mature, wiser, more loving, more compassionate and more peaceful.

My guides told me that Creator Gods is indeed my home port, my “umbrella brand” under which everything else can grow and flourish.

I’m looking forward to it. And to many more hero stories.

Especially yours!

In LOVEinity
Sophia Sabine

P.S.: Oh yes, and if you look at it from a Human Design perspective, it is completely natural for half of humanity to have emotional highs and lows. The only question is: which half do you belong to and what does your low mean to you?
And: how do you get out of it…? A Quantum Human Design Reading brings light into the darkness… and you love the life you are living.


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