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You Are Valuable And Powerful

You came to this planet here and now to be part of a very unique cosmic event. You were born as a human to express your uniqueness and in doing so changing the course of the world.

If you are reading these lines now, it is time for you to remember the huge creative power that is inherent in you. Remember your soul purpose, your very own unique path as well as how and with which gifts you have designed yourself to work in this world.

CREATOR GODS exists to remind you that you are a powerful Creator Goddess who incarnated on earth to create a world of peace, freedom, joy and abundance for all beiengs, and for yourself.


Sophia is designd to have huge impact, and has something incredibly valuable to share with the world. She has got deep insights and those insights come to her by virtue of her connection to source, and when she speaks, it awakens people into new ways of thinking and new possibilities.

Dr. Karen Curry Parker
Creator of Quantum Human DesignTM
New Ways

Divine Presence

I have changed. A blog article just flowed out of me and I signed it ‘Sabine’ as if it were the most natural thing in the world (but it hasn’t been published yet

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What if…?

Over the last few days, I was pondering A LOT of beliefs I am holding, because I am in the process of re-aligning my business so that it serves me and my clients

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Today is my Maya birthday (Here’s a little present for you…): WWhite Magician, Tone 5 in the Wave of the White Dog – unconditional love. I was born under the sign of the

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Be welcome with all my heart

With me, you awaken your inner Creator God∞dess, and tap into your very own source of power and strength. The energy of LOVEinity initiates you into your true essence, and I am guiding and supporting you to live authentically as a Human and a Divine BEing. That is how you create a life of love, peace, freedom, joy, and abundance.